Optimize transparency and performance of your manufacturing operations.​

The Industrial IoT-Plattform by Selfbits transforms manufacturing data into insights and actions for continuous improvement. Powerful apps assist in reducing machine downtime, increasing throughput, and thereby maximizing the profitability of your machinery and equipment.

As Consultants, we support you in the development of digital strategies in the field of Industry 4.0 and in their software-based implementation, as well as in challenges in operations management.

Real-time transparency for direct performance improvement.

Manufacturing companies must be efficient and innovative to remain competitive. However, outstanding performance is not achieved by chance.

The IIoT platform by Selfbits is connected to your machines and manual processes to capture production and machine condition data where it is generated.

This provides continuous transparency on how efficiently your operation is running and identifies unnoticed issues that diminish your performance.

As a result, you can systematically identify the root causes of problems and, through consistent implementation of appropriate measures, achieve measurable improvements in your processes.

  • Integration of existing machines and controls
  • Possibly retrofitting of sensors
  • App for manual data capture
  • Continuous machine data capture (operating state, cycles, …)
  • Continuous operational data capture via app (setup times, scrap, downtime, …)
  • Automatic metric calculation
  • Live Dashboards
  • Automatic reporting & Excel data exports
4. ACT
  • Eliminate root causes of disruptions
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Integration with other systems in the plant
Integrated machines and workstations
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Captured signals
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Machine integration

Data from any machines and equipment is captured via an edge device to immediately obtain metrics and reports. Machine integration is done via OPC-UA or through retrofitted hardware and sensors.

Analyses and reports

Our tools for data analysis and workflow control provide you with the necessary tools to quickly conduct analyses and derive actions for your manufacturing.

Standardized data access

The centralized storage of data in the Selfbits Cloud enables standardized and secure data access from anywhere in the world, as well as continuous analysis and evaluation of the state.




From flexible low-code solutions for implementing automatic workflows flexibly to standardized REST or GraphQL APIs for custom apps, to integration with existing ERP or CRM systems – never before has integration with existing systems been easier.


If you’re just starting with digitalization or have pressing operational challenges that need to be addressed first, we’re also your partner in the preliminary steps – reach out to us!

Digitalization & Industry 4.0

We support you in developing your digital strategy and we won’t leave you alone during the subsequent implementation.
Wherever you are currently standing, we help you understand and evaluate the relevance of topics such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Digital Shop Floor Management, Smart Factory, Analytics, and Process Mining for your company. Based on this, we develop practical digital strategies together with you.

If you want to take on digitalization in your company, reach out to us.

Operations Management

VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) is the new reality in which companies operate. We support you in making your existing production system measurable to ultimately analyze and optimize value streams consistently.

In doing so, we rely on established approaches from Six Sigma and LEAN Management. In our solution finding, we directly leverage digital capabilities for collecting the necessary actual data and creating real-time transparency.

Whether your goal is to reduce manufacturing costs, increase delivery reliability, identify your current bottleneck, or improve your ability to respond quickly to customer inquiries – reach out to us.

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Production monitoring, control and analysis in real time.

Gather set-up times, quantities, disruptions and many other data directly on the machine

Real-time Capture of Production Data

Use tablets on machines or the flexibility of smartphones to gather set-up times, machine downtimes and their causes as well as good-parts and bad parts in real time.


Machine Data Collection

With the help of flexible hardware solutions, we help you to continuously collect, store and provide relevant machine and sensor data in an article and order-related manner for analysis.

Production Planning

Use our simple drag-and-drop-based production planning tools to perform detailed scheduling of manufacturing orders. In combination with our capture solutions, you have the planned and actual state of production in view at all times.

Access to orders directly via tablets on the machines

Digital Production Orders

Provide paperless production orders and relevant order information, such as drawings, setting parameters, item descriptions, and inspection notes, on tablets on the machines and workstations.


Track & Trace

The flow of goods and materials can be captured in production with the help of tablets and handheld scanners on the shop floor. On the web interface, material flows and inventories are visualized in real time.

KPI Dashboard

With the KPI dashboard, you always have an eye on production sales, quantities, rejects, machine utilization and OEE.


Material Management

Simply post material on the respective machine via tablet and hand scanner to record order and item-related consumption. Stocks can be synchronized directly with the ERP.


Fault management

Disturbances are reported either automatically by the machine or manually by tablet and stored including the malfunction reasons. Thus employees can be automatically notified in the event of a disturbances. On the web interface, disruptions can be visualized over time according to duration and reason.


Shopfloor Signage

Use displays in the production or the planning board on the shop floor to make department-relevant key figures such as quantities, rejects, machine utilization and OEE visible to all employees.

Production Planning

  • Machine-related order planning in a web application from anywhere in the world
  • Synchronization of planning and short-term plan changes with the shop floor in real-time
  • Overview of delivery dates & delays based on real-time data from production
  • And much more

Real-time Monitoring

  • Real-time order-specific progress monitoring
  • Information on yield, scrap, setup times, lead times, dwell times, and downtime
  • Downtime alerts
  • Material flow overview
  • And much more


  • OEE per machine, machine group, and production line
  • Value stream analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Downtime duration analysis
  • Setup time analysis
  • Production volume
  • Material consumption
  • And much more

Reduce costs and optimize performance

Transparency and flexibility for your production.

Your benefits through better production monitoring, planning and analysis:

  • Better capacity utilization
  • Better information availability
  • Reduction of stock
  • Easier planning
  • Higher quality
  • Reduced processing times
  • Increased delivery reliability
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Traceability in case of a complaint