Transparency in production - even in volatile times

Especially in the current times, fundamental circumstances are changing daily. Currently, difficulties and large fluctuations in the delivery of required materials are particularly evident. Not only wood or steel have recently fluctuated in price and availability, but materials in rubber production are also affected. In addition, rapidly changing challenges arise from the war in Ukraine.

We appreciate the transparency that Selfbits provides us in various situations, allowing us to make decisions quickly.


Jens Frank, Managing Director, Karl Reichenbach GmbH

Delivery stoppage for soot

Originally, Karl Reichenbach GmbH, a company in the rubber and plastics industry, found in Selfbits a partner that provides a solution for dynamic order planning and machine status monitoring. Meanwhile, the customer uses this solution daily for smooth process flow in the production of rubber articles.

In the current situation, an additional benefit of using the software solution has emerged. The initially sought increase in transparency in production can be very versatile depending on the current situation.

The manufacturer of rubber products with its own mixing plant regularly sources industrial soot from a supplier in the EU. Soot is an important component in the production of rubber products. The sourced industrial soot is produced in Russia, which suddenly became unavailable due to the current events.

Quick problem-solving for customers through real-time inventory.

A new supplier needs to be found quickly to prevent a production stoppage for the automotive industry. At the same time, various questions arise: How much material is currently in stock? Which orders in the near future require how much of the material that will soon be missing?

However, the central questions are: How long will the material currently in stock last before production is affected? If the material is insufficient: Which customer and which plant will be supplied with what quantities?

Critical decisions need to be made in the shortest possible time, decisions that can have significant impacts on the company. To support these complex decisions, reliable data and meaningful analyses are required. A look into the historical data of the Selfbits Manufacturing Suite in this case allowed for an immediate and detailed analysis to make the necessary decision in the shortest possible time.

Mr. Frank describes the benefits primarily with the transparency created:

“A look into the historical data captured through the Selfbits Manufacturing Suite allowed for an immediate and detailed analysis in this case. Based on the up-to-date information on material stocks and consumption, we were able to react quickly and make the necessary decisions in our production. Selfbits enables continuous tracking of raw material consumption through integration with our ERP system. This allowed for the calculation of future demand, which we could appropriately consider in production planning and communication with our customers.”

Jens Frank, Managing Director, Karl Reichenbach GmbH