No. The Selfbits Manufacturing Suite is best compared to an integrated PDA/MDA and PPS/MES solution. Its goal is to depict the process from “dock-to-dock” as a digital twin along the value stream in as much detail as possible, capturing all relevant data centrally in the process. Based on this, core value creation can be optimized, and future production can be better planned. Master data such as articles, materials, and machines are synchronized from the ERP through interfaces or transferred once. All accounting processes continue to take place in the ERP.

Yes. All common ERP systems (SAP, ProAlpha, ABAS, Sage, Navision, Infor) offer interfaces to extract or input data. We would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities for integration with your existing ERP.

Yes. We are happy to help with the integration. Just contact us.

The Selfbits Manufacturing Suite offers interfaces via REST and GraphQL to access data. This allows for in-house development of solutions and integration with other software. Data exports to Excel are also possible.

Yes and no. Our standard operating model involves hosting on the secure AWS cloud in Frankfurt am Main. If you strictly require an on-premise license, please contact us so we can find a solution together.

The data is centrally stored and processed in the AWS Cloud in Frankfurt am Main. A separate VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is set up for each customer to ensure data security. Learn more about this in our Privacy and Data Security Whitepaper.

It’s complicated. To our own surprise, we have found in collaboration with our clients that barcodes are often much cheaper and easier to handle than solutions using NFC or RFID. The choice of “carrier technology” ultimately always depends on the conditions in production. If you use large containers and automated handling technology, the tendency leans towards RFID. If you use small containers and there are process steps with extreme external factors such as temperature or moisture, barcodes are often the better option. We would be happy to discuss the details with you personally.

Yes. As long as something is mechanically moving or electricity is flowing, we are able to capture at least rudimentary process signals.