Your operating data. In real time.

Use tablets on machines or the flexibility of smartphones to gather set-up times, machine downtimes and their causes as well as good-parts and bad parts in real time.

Employees can enter operating data directly during the process via the app.

Details about the solution

Step 1:

Set reference to the machine

The worker selects the machine for which he wants to collect data by either scanning an NFC tag or selecting the right machine from the list of all machines.

Betriebsauftrag Detailansicht in der App zur mobilen Betriebsdatenerfassung

Step 2:

Recording of set-up times

After selecting the machine, the worker can gather set-up times. The acquired data is automatically assigned to the production order running on the machine.

Result 1:

Clarity about location and status

The report about transported quantities and posted bins of the production orders allows the management to see the current status of the production in real time. This eliminates the loss of orders and reduces search times for location and status discovery.

Result 2:

Detect idle times and inefficiency

With our solution you can seamlessly track how production orders run in your production. Not only transport and processing times are recorded, but also waiting and waiting times can be calculated. With all the data collected, our Manufacturing Suite can identify various performance indicators, such as, for example, the processing time for each job individually. This opens up various possibilities for analyzing your production.

Your advantages

Easy to use

Our apps work just like the apps you already know. We have created a hassle-free intuitive user interface for an easy acquisition of data in your production.

OEE Evaluation

The web dashboard of our Manufacturing Suite offers you the access for controlling your performance indicators. As one of the most commonly used, the continuous evaluation of OEE is naturally integrated.

Fast response times

The Selfbits Manufacturing Suite triggers a visual warning in the web dashboard when a disruption occurs in your production. This will alert you directly to the situation. So you can easily react and take countermeasures.

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