Always know where your goods are.

With the help of tablets on the shop floor, the flow of goods and materials can be recorded. In the central web dashboard, the material flows can be visualized and analyzed in real time. An unambiguous identification of the transport containers and workpiece carriers takes place via barcodes or NFC.

Details about the solution

Step 1:

Transport of semi-finished products

The worker delivers (semi-)finished products with accompanying documents or load carriers with NFC tags to the intermediate storage before the next production station.

Step 2:

Scanning the semi-finished products

Upon unloading, the operator scans the barcodes on the bill of materials or NFC tags. This assigns the production order to the chosen storage place.

Result 1:

Clarity about location and status

The report on transported quantities and booked storage locations of production orders allows the operations management to see the current status of production in real time. This ensures that no orders are lost and eliminates search times for locating and determining status.

Result 2:

Identify dwell times

Through seamless tracking of production orders, waiting, storage, transport, and processing times can be recorded. The throughput time of each individual order is also determined in this way.

Your advantages

Search less

See at a glance where parts of a job or material are currently located.

Identify bottlenecks

find bottlenecks in the material flow and create the basis for decision-making for new investments

Optimize throughput times

Keep track of accurate lead times to monitor if optimization measures are taking place as desired

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